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Zsa-Zsa Padilla: Admire the beauty of “Casa Esperanza” Her Own Farm House located in Lucban, Quezon

Zsa-Zsa Padilla, who is known as the divine Diva of showbiz. And as one of the most popular and popular singers in our country, in addition, she is also a great actress in the profession.

It can be said that during her time in the industry, she has actually established a number of businesses, and most recently her magnificent farmhouse is located in the province of Lucban, Quezon.

This farmhouse of Zsa-Zsa, which she calls “Casa Esperanza”, is said to derive from her real name given to her by her parents. This singer’s estate is really large, because it is a two-hectare land, and is located in Barangay Piis, Lucban, Quezon.



Casa Esperanza looks like a paradise, as the beautiful scenery can be seen here. As soon as “Casa Esperanza” walks in, a small cobbled walkway immediately opens up leading to their stall.

One of the highlights of Casa Esperanza is the rustic-modern farmhouse with an Asian design that, according to Zsa-Zsa, was made by her life partner today, Conrad Onglao, a Rich and famous architect.

This farmhouse looks similar to those found in New Zealand, due to its black roofing system. It can also be seen that some of the materials used here are recycled Yakal wood, and for a modern look, it is fitted with modern materials such as glass. Most of the equipment that can be found here is really nice and clean wooden furniture.




One of the things that Zsa-Zsa Padilla is proud of on her farm is that her farm has a variety of crops, many of which she considers native.

Due to the presence of healthy and green plants inside the farm, it is really relaxing, you can breathe in the fresh air and cool breeze against your skin.

In addition to the beautiful farmhouse, the aforementioned farmhouse also has a booth that Zsa-Zsa is said to have requested, as this is where she will be doing her cooking vlog next time.

The above apartment has a surrounding balcony, a living room on the left, a dining room on the right, a small display kitchen and in the middle will be a seating area. This singer’s farm also can’t be without a pool, their pool area is really huge, due to its dimensions being 5 x 25 meters.

“Casa Esperanza” also has a pond area where it houses a meditation center. According to the singer, the meditation center is part of the pool area where you can do yoga, pray or get a massage.

“Casa Esperanza” is truly a paradise, and Zsa-Zsa Padilla will really relax while living here because the scenery in this place is so beautiful and relaxing. Most of the Divine Divam’s needs are already in the yard of “Casa Esperanza.”



One will recall that in March 2018, when partners Zsa Zsa and Conrad started building their dream project home in Lucban, Quezon.



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