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Yassi Pressman shares her own cure for stress to inspire people at their worst

Yassi Pressman has her own way to deal with stress.

On her Instagram, Yassi Pressman just shared her experience with stress and how to handle the darkest time in her life.

The model, actress, singer, and dancer did not get into details but she shared that the stressful period got her tired of everything and almost gave them all up.

However, the light came from the end of the tunnel where she found a cure for her suffering. Taking her experience to her Instagram handle, Yassi disclosed that her new hobby got her days to become more meaningful again with melancholic mood broken away as this hobby brought her purpose of life and self-worth.

Of course, things have not been so easy. Challenges were always present, so it’s never easy. Luckily, at her utmost desperation, Yassi discovered her love for mixed martial arts.
Yassi shared: “Of course, more challenges throughout the years came up, but thankfully that didn’t stop me. I then found MMA, and that inspired me to get back and fight anxiety, MMA motivated me again,”.

For that, the famous Filipina-British model showed her gratitude in her post, expressing her dream to one day step into the ring as her best thanks to the sport which makes her “feel alive.”

Yassi also took this chance to send a message to people who are in the same depth of despair like her in a hope of giving them motivation and strength to overcome what’s supposed to be the worst of their lives:

“I salute every strong person out there who is fighting a battle that no one knows about. Keep going,”

She explained everything is inevitable to be overwhelming sometimes. She knows that and that’s ok with her and with others too. She hopes this reminder keeps everyone inspired and always in search for something that keeps their mental and physical health strong!

“Always take care of yourselves and check up on your friends”.

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