Woman Who Guzzled 21 Cans Of Red Bull Every Week Lost 45Kg After Giving Up on The Fizzy Drink

How can this woman lose 45kg after just 8 months? See the full details right below!


Craving energy drinks is becoming common among many people around the world as this kind of drink can boost up our brain and nervous system. However, guzzling too many drinks like Red Bull for a long time can cause serious health problems to your body and the most visible one is gaining weight.

Mrs. Acur kept consuming 21 cans of red bull each week until reaching nearly 100kg

A mother in Australia hit almost 100kg after drinking 21 cans of Red Bull every week in a year. She decided to give up on the fizzy drink, stick to a healthy diet to lose weight and the result is amazing.

Just like many Red Bull lovers, Dilay Acur, 26, cannot stop herself from guzzling cans of the energy drink over and over. Apart from drinking 3 cans of Red Bull every day, the woman also devoured a lot of snacks and even had two dinners at night.

‘I used to drink three cans of Red Bull every day just like I cannot live without it. I love the taste and every time I have a sip of it, my body and my brain are alive!’ confessed the housewife.

She decided to give up on the unhealthy habit to get back in shape

In fact, it was not until when Mrs.Acur tips the scale at 97kg that she started to realize that she had clear symptoms of diabetes Apart from having diabetes, the 26-year-old woman is also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had to undergo surgery at the hospital.

Mrs Acur before and after loosing weight

Thanks to the support of her husband, she decided to give up on unhealthy drinks and snacks. Of course, it was not easy at all. However, after putting tons of effort into the physical transformation process, the woman successfully gets back in shape. She lost 45kg in just 8 months and now she feels so happy under her own skin.

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