Woman Plays Cheating Pranks On Her Fiancé And The Ending Is Unpredictable

A woman on TikTok shared a video of her playing a cheating prank on her fiancé and his unbelievable reaction has taken everyone by storm.


Although the internet is no stranger to cheating pranks, funny prank videos still emerge on the surface every now and then and take us by storm with unexpected twists and turns. Recently, a girl named Monica shared a video of her playing a cheating prank on her fiancé and the end of the video is unpredictable.

A woman decided to trick her fiance with cheeky message but his reaction changed the rules

Normally, you can trick your partner and give a hint that you’re cheating on them by pretending you mistakenly sent a cheating message to them.

In the popular video of her, Monica did the same thing as she waited for her financé Sam to leave the house and texted him: “He’s leaving now, you can come over.”

From the window view, Sam can be seen rushing back to the room. Both Monica and many viewers expected the boy to be tricked and busted with anger. However, his reaction took everyone by storm.

Sam noticed the unusual message and decided to return to the room

“I thought you were leaving, Monica pretended like she was taken by surprise.

“I was about to leave until I saw your cheeky message, ” said Sam.

Instead of thinking his bride-to-be was cheating on him, Sam thought that she was planning a secret belated birthday party for him.

Monica was backfired as her fiance knew what she was doing

“I know what you’re doing,” the boy cheekily responded to his fiance’s trick and didn’t forget to say “I love you” before leaving the room.

His reaction not only shows how much he loves and trusts his future wife but also takes the internet by storm. Everyone agrees that the couple is having a “healthy relationship” and some users even wrote that they would be upset if Monica didn’t hold a birthday party for Sam as he expected.


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