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Woman Finds Out Her Husband Cheats On Her With A Man After Knowing She Is Expecting Their First Child

The truth behind the lies is always harsh to accept, especially in marriage. This is a heart-rending story of a pregnant woman in Britain who recently found out her husband cheated on her not with another young beautiful woman, but with a man.

Pregnant woman found out an unacceptable truth about her husband

Expecting the first child when the couple nearly enter their 40s

The woman is 35 while her husband is 39 now. They have always longed for a baby after years of marriage. She even began to give up her hope of having a child as she thought it would never happen.

The couple has been married for many years

However, a great miracle literally occurs as the baby finally comes and the 35-year-old wife can embrace motherhood like other women. Children are always a blessing from God and needless to say, she was on cloud nine when she learned she was expecting.

The soon-to-be mom couldn’t wait to tell her family and friends, especially her dearest husband.

The pregnant woman can’t accept the bitter truth

Happiness didn’t last long, the pregnant woman soon had to hear an honest confession from her husband.

Unlike what she had imagined about his reaction after knowing the pregnancy news, he looked d.r.e.a.d.f.u.l instead. He told her to sit down and finally confessed that he had cheated on her and he was so sorry.

“I thought it was some girl at work but he went on to explain it was a gay guy from our village. They are friends. He said it happened when we’d had an argument about whether I could give up work for good, and he stormed out.”

In fact, the pregnant woman knew her husband had been with other men before but she thought it was something in the past because he always explained that those gay flings were nothing less than curiosity.

The woman can’t reveal the truth to anyone else

However, this time around was too much for her to bear. She said she was devasted and can’t talk to anyone as it’s way too humiliating.

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