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Why you’re forgetting things during lockdowns: A scientific explanation

Lockdowns here and there are causing as humans facing a risk of the entire human race: Memory loss. This is not a joke but a fact that has been unveiled by studies.

But let’s not jump into the studies right away and see what researchers and psychologists say about it, have a moment of yourself rewinding to how many times during your work-from-home times you have been blaming yourself for going into the room for something just to forget about your main purpose later. You are not alone and here is the proof.

A study on Science Focus asked British people whether the Covid-19 pandemic had been affecting their memory and 80% of them replied with their affirmation of their being more forgetful during the Coronavirus time.

Psychologist Julie Shaw has an answer for it.

Credit: Jake Young | Unsplash
Credit: Jake Young | Unsplash

First, though the study was on the British only, its effect is real on all of us as Shaw applied her research in different countries that were under some sort of restriction during the pandemic. Most of the participants were complaining about their worse memories. Aside from that, tests on their ability to remember objects became worse too.

The difference

However, another study on people who claimed to keep their bodies active during lockdowns gives quite a valuable insight. Those people are very much less likely to worry about their memory. To put it otherwise, their memory is reported to function no difference like before.

So what is the real culprit?

It’s laziness that keeps our memory worse. Many years of research have proved exercise is good for your brain health. And when the pandemic hit, our movability was narrowed too. Many take that as the reason to be lazy and forget they need to exercise. These people are the ones who are affected the most when it comes to memory loss.

Credit: Josh Riemer | Unsplash
Credit: Josh Riemer | Unsplash

What’s more, another study noted a link between memory and mood: The better you feel, the better you remember things and vice versa. This pandemic is restricting our movements, our ability to go out and meet people. Without human connections, our mood is in a decline, and then, our brain health suffers, it slows down.

What to do?

Both culprits of your forgetfulness during our lockdown are the inactivity of the body. So, how to get more active is also how to get the brain strong.

Try some home workouts. It’s not something difficult. And, don’t forget to socialize with people in your relationship. You can call online anytime, anywhere and you can also be safe meeting people unless you are already vaccinated. That’s the way!

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