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The Real Owner? Evidence Proved KFC Founder Tried To Pay Miss Childress $1200 For The Recipe After Becoming Billionaire

The story unfolds another aspect of the success of Colonel Sanders, who launched the multi-billion empire of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Let’s see how the world perceives the story behind KFC franchise and the truth behind it.

The well-known story of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders

You may not know that KFC is the 2nd largest restaurant chain all over the world but you surely heard how hard Sanders tried to turn his idea into a multi-billion-dollar empire at the age of 62.

Harland Sanders
Harland Sanders often put his success to the secret of using pressure cooks.

In fact, Colonel Harland Sanders is a true hard-working man who got his very first job at the age of 10. As he was the oldest in the family, he had to cook and take care of his siblings at a very young age, which set a foundation for his culinary passion later.

The KFC founder used to experience many jobs before finding his own career path. He was a conductor, a fireman, and a blacksmith’s assistant. He used to study law and helped to deliver babies in his region as well.

The last job he worked for other people was a sales job at the Shell Oil Company. However, when the company closed the station due to the Great Depression, Sanders rent the station himself to sell some country ham and steaks.

He also sold simple chicken dishes initially but it’s not until 1939 that he finalized the recipe and became a household name thanks to the food critic Duncan Hines.

Harland Sanders in kitchen
The billionaire was showing people how he prepared the dish in kitchen.

After that, he franchised his KFC recipe to restaurants in Utah and other states across America. In 1964, Colonel Harland Sanders sold KFC to a partnership and received $2 million in return at the age of 78.

The truth behind the owner of KFC recipe

For many years, it’s controversial that whether or not Harland Sanders was the one to come up with his secret Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe. There were rumours that he s.t.o.l.e it from a black woman named Miss Childress who died in poverty.

Actually, there was hardly any record to prove that the multi-million-dollar idea was from Sanders himself or a different person. People just know that he sold that special chicken dish and was made famous by a food critic around 1940.

However, now scientists are much more convinced that the recipe came from Miss Childress.

Miss Childress photo
An image that is supposed to be Miss Childress’s.

There was evidence that Mr. Sanders tried to pay Miss Childress $1200 after becoming a millionaire thanks to the KFC recipe. History also witnessed many cases where chefs and businessmen took unique recipes from African Americans who had no idea of copyright infringement.

During the time Sanders sold chicken dishes, most American well-off families had black women as maids or housekeepers as well. These women were the ones to prepare meals while their white employers were clueless in making those dishes.

Many famous recipes came from black maids but not many of them got recognized.

All things considered, we believe the story behind KFC recipe should be properly recognized as a tribute to the black community. This also raised a question over the right of ownership and cultural misappropriation not only in the past but also in the modern world when stories like this are hardly communicated on mass media.

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