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What keeps Neri Miranda’s armpits flawless after birth? Here’s the answer you’re looking for!

Neri Miranda, who just gave birth 3 months ago, took her fans by surprise with an Instagram photo of her sleeping in a uniformed position with her baby, which sees the two holding up their hands to embrace their heads.

On January 10, 2020, the celebrity mom of 3 uploaded a photo onto her personal Instagram account, captioning, “Motherhood.”

The candid moment did not hide her double chin, on which Neri explained that was all her holiday food did.

However, it’s not what people matter the most. In fact, many don’t mind it at all. What’s more interesting lies in their similar sleeping position and hand gesture during sleep and her flawless armpits.

Some of the followers expressed their thoughts.

@xxsen111xx said, “The double chin didn’t say anything to the smooth armpits [heart eyes emoji] what’s your secret? [Laughing emoji]”

Then, @edythium1989 raised a similar question, “Kili-kili brought it. [emojis] ”

The thread was continued with @celenehernandezmd saying, “I hope all the armpits are white even after giving birth [emoji]”

As you might know already, pregnancy often brought vulnerability to moms. Aside from that, it’s common to experience discoloration or skin darkening too, which happens to 90 percent of expectant women.

To all the above-mentioned comments, there is still no sign of Neri giving an ultimate answer.

However, good news is the answer can be found in Dr. Vicki Belo’s post back in June 2019, explaining, “Calamansi is an acid and it can whiten in some people like, if you have marks on your legs. But sometimes, it makes it even darker. Most of the time, it makes it darker ’cause it’s an acid that burns your skin.

“And as you know, the skin in the armpits are really, really thin. And if you put calamansi there and leave it on, most probably, it will burn your skin and make it darker.

“So please do not use calamansi on your armpits because the skin is so thin.”

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