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Video: The fish 200IQ successfully “P.rison b.reak” from the water bowl!

In 32 seconds, the fish jumped out of the pot, threw itself several times into the street, and then d.ucked down the drain to escape.

The Mail on October 11 reported that the large fish was released into a red basin of water after being caught by a fisherman in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam. However, the animal then made an impressive es.cape.

See the escape of the 200IQ fish at the end of the article

The video recorded the fish using all its strength to jump out of the water bowl, towards the asphalt.

At one point, the fish almost co.llided with a car on the road. However, the animal jumped back onto the sidewalk, seemingly fine, and continued to run away. Normally fish swim by flexing their body and using the muscles on their sides to wag their tails.

See the escape of the 200IQ fish at the end of the article

In the short 32-second video, the fish used this very way to move. The fish seemed to feel there was a source of water nearby as it repeatedly thrashed towards the drain on the right side of the road. A boy on a bicycle passed by just as the fish thrashed across the road and watched until the animal successfully es.caped.

The videographer commented: “This is the most spectacular p.rison b.reak in the world!”.

Fishing is a popular activity in Tuyen Quang, which is home to a variety of native fish such as black carp, catfish, Dong Ho carp, Chinese catfish, black shark and Red river catfish.

See the es.cape of the 200IQ fish at here: https://www.facebook.com/depdibien.store/videos/2892706647648898/



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