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Veteran flight attendant reveals the best seat to take in a flight

Where you sit in a flight plays an important role in your experience. Because of that, a veteran flight attendant disclosed how to choose the best seat when you book a flight.

In many people’s opinion, a good seat is where you can comfortably stretch your legs during the flight. For this reason, passengers often think that a seat by the emergence door is the best because you can sit so comfortably there.

However, a veteran flight attendant called Sandra Jeenie Kwon recently pointed out factors to be considered when choosing a seat on a plane. To be specific, the flight attendant ruled the middle-row seats out of the list of the best seats because this area makes the passengers to feel trapped between people. Likewise, the seats at the end of each row are considered uneasy as you have to ask people to make room for you if you want to get out.
Speaking of the seats near the emergency doors, Sandra believes it can give passengers more room; however, it does not provide luggage room.

Credit: Alexander Schimmeck | Unsplash
Credit: Alexander Schimmeck | Unsplash

To her experience, Sandra said the first rows are the quickest to be filled up to distribute balanced weight, which means you are more likely to sit next to an empty seat if you choose a more distanced seat.

However, Sandra notes that you should not look for too far-away seats unless you want to suffer from the restroom’s smell. Sandra takes into consideration and thinks a distance of 5 rows away from the toilet is suitable. In the meantime, passengers can reach the service attendants more easily if they want something.

Credit: Aleksei Zaitcev | Unsplash
Credit: Aleksei Zaitcev | Unsplash

Putting all of the above into consideration, Sandra concluded that the best seats are the ones in front of the rear exit but far from the restroom (at least 5 rows far away).

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