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Unbelievable story about the boy “clinging” to the plane at an altitude of 10,000m miraculously survived

In 2004, Chinese media was shocked by the news that two teenagers had recklessly clung to the wing of an airplane for 1.5 hours at an altitude of 10,000 meters. After that, only 1 of 2 people was allowed to return. But despite being lucky to survive, for the 14-year-old boy that year, that experience left indelible permanent wounds.

The boy clings to the plane because… he was angry with his parents

Leung was born in 1990 in Hunan, China in an ordinary family. As a child, he was commented on as obedient and obedient. However, in high school, Leung began to meet many bad friends. He often skips school to go to the internet shop to play games. Knowing the story, the parents of the middle school student beat and scolded him. With a rebellious teenage mentality, Leung became more rebellious and ran away from home.

With a rebellious teenage mentality, Leung became more rebellious and ran away from home.

In November 2004, Leung arrived at Huaihua train station and hid in an empty train carriage. But not long after, the boy was caught by the security guard and chased off the train. He walked along the railway forever, until he was too tired to know that he was as far as Kunming. He was taken by kind locals to a rescue station. Here, Leung happened to meet a boy about the same age as him. That teenager, named Pan, also ran away from home because of his parents. Because they do not want to be taken home with their parents, the two new friends decide to run away from the rescue station together.

On November 10, Leung and Pan climbed the fence to escape. The two wandered, and in the evening arrived at Kunming International Airport. Two people sneak inside to kill time. After a while, the two boys got tired and fell asleep on the grass. When they woke up, they saw an airplane parked not far away, so they playfully climbed into the plane to play.

Two boys who have never been on an airplane have been immersed in the new scenery in the landing compartment. Little did they know that the plane was about to take off for Chongqing. At exactly 8:10 am on 11/11, flight 3U8670 departed at the scheduled time.

Facing d.e.a.t.h at an altitude of 10,000m

The violent vibrations and sudden terrible roar of the engine frightened the two boys. Strong winds blew straight in from the hatch, making it impossible for them to breathe. In a sudden, Lueung was almost swept away. He quickly clutched a metal rod next to him and his whole body was motionless because he was too scared.

When he opened his eyes, Leung found himself in the middle of the sky and Pan was no longer beside him. Understanding what happened, the boy trembled even more, only clenched his teeth, hugged his “pole” and prayed.

The boy was clinging to the wheel part of the plane.

The boy was clinging to the wheel part of the plane. Fortunately, a moment later, the wheel was collected into the compartment, Leung curled up and remained in this compartment for the rest of the journey.

Later, Pan learned that he was at an altitude of 10,000m, in the extremely thin air and the temperature was in the range of minus 30-50 degrees Celsius. The air was so harsh that he found it extremely difficult to breathe. His whole body shivered, he felt numb, and his consciousness gradually fell.

After a while, he felt the heat all over his body, and had to take off his jacket. This is the phenomenon of thermal shock. When the temperature of a person’s surroundings drops suddenly, it will cause sensory paralysis in the body’s thermoregulatory center, creating an extremely hot feeling like burning. During the long flight, all passengers and staff on the plane did not know that there was a boy who was struggling with Death writhing for more than an hour.

At about 9:30 a.m., the plane began to descend to land. That means the wheel is lowered again. Leung faced terrible winds once again.

When the plane landed successfully, he used his last breath to crawl into the hold. Moments later, staff on the ground were horrified to find a piece of clothing stuck to the wheel. Everyone immediately ran to check and saw a boy lying in a state of exhaustion and shaking.

Haunted forever after

After such an unbelievable journey, Leung survived to the amazement of all Chinese doctors and people. That feat has made the 14-year-old boy extremely famous, and the media has come to interview him day in and day out.

In March 2005, Leung’s parents filed a lawsuit against Kunming airport and the airline for failing to check and monitor.

But even though he was able to save his life, the horrible flight caused Leung to suffer a lot of consequences. He had perforated eardrums in both ears and otitis media. His eyesight was severely affected, and his limbs were cramped regularly throughout the day.

In March 2005, Leung’s parents filed a lawsuit against Kunming airport and the airline for failing to check and monitor, leading to their son’s rare accident. After many lawsuits back and forth, the airline compensated the family 50,000 yuan. Pan’s parents also received 70,000 yuan for humanitarian reasons.

Currently, after 14 years of tragedy, Leung has lived a peaceful life. He got married and opened a shop of his own, and moved to Chongqing city to settle down.

Recounting the shocking youth mistake of the past, Leung is still extremely touched. In an interview with the media, he said that having to witness the passing of his companion Thuc Thanh is an obsession that will never be forgotten in his mind.

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