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UK’s strongest man points out 5 common mistakes people make when building muscles and strength

Building muscles and strength is a job that requires weight lifting, for sure. Along with that, a proper diet is a must. If you are working on it, there would be no better advice other than Adam Bishop’s, who is the strongest British man (6th in the world).

Once the fitness coach for Harlequins, a British rugby team, now Bishop takes the chance of the pandemic era to give online lessons and help his knowledge reach more people.

In his latest interview, Bishop shares about 5 common mistakes people make when building strength and muscles.

5 common mistakes when building strength and muscles

1. Lack of rest

You might think it’s absurd to say “train less, rest more”. However, Bishop believes it’s wise to adopt this notion. He said that when we leave the gym, our bodies are weaker for the training we’ve taken. The bodies won’t be stronger until they have adapted to the stress applied in the gym. That’s why sufficient resting is important.

Credit: Victor Freitas | Unsplash
Credit: Victor Freitas | Unsplash

Bishop recommends 3 days of resting is essential for the muscles to recover.

2. Relying on assistance exercises

One of the most acute pain Bishop sees in his students and others doing is that they rely too much on assistance exercises.

Credit: Daniel Apodaca | Unsplash
Credit: Daniel Apodaca | Unsplash

He said that the best way to build muscles and strength is by focusing on compound lifts. Don’t take too much of assistance exercises such as resistance machine work or single-leg movements.

3. Taking ultra weights that prompt incorrect forms

It’s always tempting to add a little more weight. And this tempt lasts forever! However, many of this little more would soon add up to too much which turns out more harm than good.

Credit: Victor Freitas | Unsplash
Credit: Victor Freitas | Unsplash

Bishop said that if your technique or form was off, you were not only working out inefficiently but also wasting your time.

4. Lack of sleep

Most people who train sacrifice their sleep for early mornings without knowing that enough sleep is vital when it comes to training. Inadequate sleep translates to insufficient strength building.

In addition, sleep is the time when muscle growth hormone is generated.

5. Copying the professionals

Fake it till you make it! No! It’s might be right in other aspects but not when it comes to muscle and strength building.

Credit: Danielle Cerullo | Unsplash
Credit: Danielle Cerullo | Unsplash

Bishop sees lot of people copy his lifestyle that he made for himself. He trains 7 times a week (2 times a day on 3 weekdays) while eating 6,500 to 7,000 calories everyday. Newbies can’t follow this lifestyle and expect it works.

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