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TWICE’s New MV Makes You Shake Your Body In A Fantastic Summer Party

9 beautiful girls in TWICE will bring you a fantastic summer party in their new MV in the album Taste of Love.

TWICE’s New MV Makes You Shake Your Body

TWICE has come back in the latest MV titled “Alcohol-Free“. The MV has got over 7 million views after only 5 hours. The view count is increasing quickly. This fancy song is in their newest album – “Taste of Love”. The song has a jubilant melody and the MV is really amazing.

“Alcohol-free” of TWICE is a lively summer party.

TWICE has been absent from the music market for nearly 8 months since the release of the album “Eyes Wide Open“. In this comeback, TWICE’s girls invite you to join a summer party with cocktails, sand beach, summer palace, dance, and music.

9 summer girls bring you a fascinating party atmosphere.

The song is a combination of hip hop and bossa nova styles. So, you can feel the heat of the summer and the party atmosphere. Moreover, the bright and brilliant colors of the MV also attract your eyes and make your heart race. Besides, the song is about the process to make a cup of the cocktail that contains all your favorite tastes.

Their dance performances also make you shake your body

This cocktail cup is also a sample of summer love with hot, sweet, and passionate tastes. Although this drink is light and sweet, it still makes you drunken like being in love. In addition, these 9 beautiful girls of TWICE also bring you a memorable visual party with bewitching and hot dances in fascinating music.

The cocktail is the main concept of this MV

The MV was published on the official channel of JYP Entertainment. It lasts only 3 and a half minutes and begins with the image of an ocean-colored cocktail cup. Cocktails also appear many times throughout this MV, making a strong impression on viewers’ minds.

All 9 summer girls are really beautiful

The main vocals of this girl group performed perfectly high notes and make the songs sound really sweet and joyful.

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