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Tracy Maureen Perez, talking about what really happened on the night of the coronation of Miss World Philippines

Before winning the title of Miss World Philippines 2021, Tracy Maureen Perez twice lost her composure on the coronation night of the aforementioned contest. The reason leading to her “beauti-fall” moments, find out HERE:

Beautiful Cebuana Tracy Maureen Perez crowned Miss World Philippines 2021. She will represent the Philippines at the Miss World 2021 pageant in Puerto Rico next December.

Although she only had more than a month to prepare, Tracy was still confident that she would f.ight at the above international beauty contest.

“I feel like even if there’s only one month of preparation left before I have to fly out of the country to Puerto Rico. I feel like that’s more than enough. I’ve been preparing for it for three years and I’ve finally done it. have the opportunity to represent our country on the international stage, ” She said

Tracy is also said to be excited to showcase Filipino talent in an international competition.

“I’m happy to showcase the Filipino talent that I can bring to the competition,” Tracy added.

Many people missed the performance of the beautiful Cebuana in the last Miss World Philippines 2021 contest even though she twice lost her posture, slipped and fell on the stage.

First, before the announcement of the new queens, who will fi.ght for the country in overseas beauty pageants. And second, when Tracy won and catwalk to the center of the stage.

The coronation night lasted for more than six hours, but according to Miss, there are many reasons that can lead to her “falling down” moments.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure it could be a combination of different factors. The last thing I remember, it seemed like I was a little nervous because I was coming to the edge of the world.
“It was a pretty heavy fall,” she said.

The second time I fell again because it was like my cape, it had tassels on the back, the beads were removed, so it looked like I was stepping on it, then the stage became slippery when I’m making my final move,” added Tracy.

But the beautiful Cebuana made it clear that, although she suffered a few injuries from the fall, the most important thing was her victory.

“There were a few in.juries but it’s okay, I got the crown and that’s the most important thing to me,” Tracy said.




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