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Man Divorced With His Wife After Seeing This Picture She Sent Him. What Was The Problem?

The story of a Portuguese couple attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Tomas and Iris were a perfect couple in the eyes of many. Their married life was also admired by friends and relatives and no one thinks that one day they would be apart.

Who would have thought?

Iris is a beautiful woman and Tomas is also considered a great man. They could not see each other often due to the nature of Tomas’ job. They had been married for 2 years but only saw each other every weekend. However, that did not affect Tomas’s feelings for his wife.

A broken marriage resulted from this photo.

Tomas earns a lot of money and also works hard to surprise Iris as a way to maintain their sparks. However, the separation caused them to argue time and time again. So, Tomas decided to quit his job at the end of the month and found a job that was much closer to home to spend more time with his wife.

Thanks to the money accumulated over years of hard work, Tomas could afford to buy a nice house. He planned to wait until the weekend to tell his wife the plan.

One picture and their marriage ended

On a Thursday afternoon, Tomas and Iris were texting through WhatsApp as usual. However, the unexpected turn of events happened when Iris sent her husband a picture in bed.

A man hand from under the bed

At first glance, the image didn’t look strange. But he looked closely at it, Tomas realized the detail that sent him to rage.

If you look closely, you will see from under the bed, a male hand sticks out. It turned out that Iris was having an affair while her husband was not at home. Tomas immediately asked for a divorce because he could not accept his wife’s betrayal.

Sometimes surprises are not that pleasant.

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