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This woman was very surprised when she discovered that the tree that she took care of for nearly 2 years was just a plastic tree!

Due to the natural tendency of some of us to plant and care for plants, plant care has become popular.

This trend becomes even stronger when we have to stay at home because of the pandemic.

One of them is probably the woman mentioned on social media, who has been called ‘Farmer of the Year’ by some because of her experience.

The grower above is Caelie Wilkes from California. Her hobby is taking care of the small potted plants displayed in the house.

She has shared with the public about her exciting experience in which she discovered something on a tree that she has been tending and watering for almost two years.

The plant she considers “succulent” is actually just plastic and the actual soil she thinks her plants are growing on is just spongy.

She felt a mixture of laughter and disappointment at the strange thing that had happened to her for so long.

“Love my plant baby even if they’re not real,” She said in her IG post

After reading her post, a popular plant store provided her with real “cactus plants” to ease her plant frustrations.

Read some interesting comments from netizens about the story:

“It’s like loving each other, caring for each other, but not together in the end.”

“Don’t believe anything in life”

“It’s no different than you’ve taken care of and you love someone you think is real but you’re just being pranked. Chareng!”



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