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This Woman Spent Her Vacation Gathering Garbage

What do you often do on your vacation? Travel? Spend all day in a coffee shop? Go shopping? Party? This woman spent her vacation picking up garbage across the US. Check out this inspirational story here.

A Woman Spent Her Vacation Gathering Trash

Stefani Shamrowicz is a 24-year-old girl from Colorado. She used all her 23-day vacation off work to travel across the US. She drove through many states, such as Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Stefani Shamrowicz

However, it’s not a leisure trip for fun. Stefani went across her country to collect 126 bags of trash during her travel. She has driven for over 70 hours through these states to do this meaningful work. The beautiful woman collected every trash on her way through these locations, from lawn ornaments to pee-filled bottles.

She spent 23-day vacation collecting trash.

Stefani said she wanted to stimulate people to do what they can to protect the environment through her trip. She also posted her trip on social media with a positive attitude to encourage people. The woman didn’t try to exalt herself or her work in those posts.

She aimed to spread her positive energy and thinkings to people who can reach it. Stefani said she couldn’t pick up all trash in the world but we could do it together by picking up trash you see on the way you run or walk. Those small actions will contribute to making a better world.

Her story is really inspirational.

In that cleaning trip, Stefani had been discouraged sometimes because she thought she didn’t do enough. But she collected 100 bags of garbage in 16 days in Ohio that is a magic thing.

She traveled along the US for cleaning

The girl also shared some good things on that trip to encourage people. For example, Stefani said she met two women on Florida beach. After seeing her work here, they helped her fill the bag. Her story also inspired many people. Some of them also started to collect trash and sent her pictures of their works.

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