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This Woman Faints Every Time She Sees Attractive Men Due To A Rare Syndrome

She has to avoid looking at other people when going out or else she could fall on the ground

A 2-year-old woman named Kristy Brown is diagnosed with a rare syndrome that makes her lose control of her body when being triggered. She can collapse when seeing someone attractive. Apart from handsome men, noises, anger, and fear also have the same effect on the woman.

Kristin will never forget her embarrassing experience when she saw a good-looking man at the shopping mall. Her legs immediately went buckling so she had to cling onto her sister trying not to fall down. Fortunately, the man didn’t know the real reason why she was almost faint.

Normally, the woman can suffer from the syndrome 3-5 times a day. However, sometimes it can happen up to 50 times and take all her tolls as she could not do anything but stay on her bed the whole day.

Kristin can easily fall down on her knees or even faint when being attracted by a handsome man

That is the reason why the mother of two has to avoid looking at other people when going out. She tried to keep her eyes stuck to the ground so that she would not be triggered by any attractive men.

According to her doctor, the woman suffers from a rare syndrome called cataplexy which is the result of her faulty gene. Apart from cataplexy, Kristin also suffers from a sleep disorder that always makes her feel exhausted.

Despite having an attraction over someone is an interesting experience, Kristin is afraid of doing so and tries to avoid it as much as she can. In addition to that, anger and laughter are also the things she needs to stay away from.

At the moment, Kristin is married and has two kids. She is trying to avoid all of the triggers to live a normal life.

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