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This 3-day diet is all your weight loss plan asks for!

Are you a fan of fast when it comes to weight loss? If you are, this brings you good news. According to The Beet, juicing really helps with the balance of micro-organisms of your gut. For this, your microbiome is made up for and switched over toward good bacteria contained in fiber, fruit, and vegetables.

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The study

This finding was extracted from a study that was carried out back in 2017 by a team of UCLA researchers by collecting stool and blood samples from twenty healthy people. After having stored these samples from all the participants, the team put them on a diet that lasted in 3 days of consuming juice (1,300 juice calories/day).

After this 3-day diet, these 20 people were put on the customary diets of their own for the next day. Researchers only took samples of their stool and blood after this 1-day diet and here’s what they found out:

On day four, there was a dip in body mass and weight index. This was what also happened the next days till the 17th day. Also, on the fourth day, the percent of the Proteobactoria and Firmicutes (bad bacteria) in stool shrank while Cyanobacteria and Bacteroidetes (good bacteria) were on a rise till the 17th day.

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What we learn

To recap, the researchers concluded that a 3-day juice diet positively assisted in the weight-loss endeavor by altering the intestinal microbiota. This trend maintained throughout the study until the 17th day when it ended.

The study not only unveiled the potential weight loss when applying a juice diet but also encourage everyone to try it because it provides more healthy bacteria to your diet.

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Eat smart, stay healthy!

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