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The youngest princess of billionaire Steve Jobs suddenly appeared beautiful on the catwalk, the online community was surprised because puberty was successful beyond imagination?

At the Paris fashion festival that attracted the attention of the world’s media last week, the “strange but familiar” face of a female model made us stir. That is none other than Eve Jobs (1998), the youngest princess of technology billionaire Steve Jobs, the son of a genuine rich family in the US who once staggered the media.

Appearing on the Womenswear Spring – Summer 2022 catwalk of fashion house Coperni, Eve attracted all eyes as she confidently strode, charismatic in a prominent tight blue shirt combined with a black mini skirt. Eve Jobs’ look is completed with a white purse, eyeglasses and loafers. Overall, making the 23-year-old girl look “cool” in the “early stage of her career”.

Looking at Eve’s personal page, people are even more surprised by her beauty. Possessing smooth white skin, dreamy eyes and an extremely cold and attractive temperament, the youngest daughter of the Jobs family is the muse in the photo. Coming from a prestigious family and possessing the face of thousands of people, Eve must be classified as “extreme”!

If you are a die-hard fan of the youngest daughter of the Jobs family, surely you can’t help but know her hobby of horseback riding. In addition to her excellent horseback riding, Eve’s “beautiful like a fairy coming out of a fairy tale” moments on horseback will surely make many people “fascinated with no way out”.

Recently, Eve decided to step into showbiz, in early 2020, she agreed to be the representative image of the famous lipstick brand Glossier. With the advantage of appearance, fans predict that Eve’s future in showbiz will go even further.



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