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The very best 30 seconds for gym-goers: Fitness influencer explains how we lose and gain weight in quick video

Running is always a great way to burn calories and when the pandemic is still preventing social activities from happening, people are killing time on the treadmills to get shredded.

However, not all gain ideal bodies from running. According to fitness influencer and trainer Noel Deyzel, even running on the best treadmill with best built-in workouts, getting shredded is another story. Thankfully, the famous Youtuber and Tiktoker explains simply about it and advise us how to get a stunning body thanks to running.

Credit: Fitsum Admasu | Unsplash
Credit: Fitsum Admasu | Unsplash

Deyzel starts with calorie deficit, which can be simply understood that you should burn more calories during workouts than daily food intake. How to burn more calories? Calories are burnt when your body requires movements and oxygen, so more calories burnt meant harder and more frequent activities. On the flip side, consuming fewer calories is another solution but many experts go against this idea as it might badly affect the body which is accustomed to the old diet.

And of course, if you do the opposite which means consuming more calories than your body can burn, you turn on the calorie surplus mode and gain weight.

Credit: Natalie Runnerstrom | Unsplash
Credit: Natalie Runnerstrom | Unsplash

The risk you need to bear in mind

When you stick to a calorie-restricted diet such as ketogenic, it is very likely that you have to reduce a high volume of carbohydrates. This makes you battle for old comforts and without handling it well, you might get back to the old habits and gain even more weight while facing an increased risk of heart disease.

The best advice for you here is don’t look for a brand-new diet. Instead, change your current diet little by little. This way you adapt gradually to your new portions while making sure your body won’t go through a “diet shock”.
Look at the bigger picture, don’t rush yourself!

>>> See the video: https://youtu.be/TvfthcOV3gQ

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