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The present life of the world’s first pregnant man 13 years ago

Around 2007, a photo of an extremely masculine man with a large pregnant belly was posted, surprising not only the American public but also many parts of the world. The main character in that picture is 47-year-old Thomas Beatie from Hawaii, Texas.

At that time, everyone was strange when a bearded man had a strange pregnant belly, suspecting that this was a photoshop product, but no, Thomas was later mentioned by the world. with the title “the first man to get pregnant and give birth”.

After finding out, it was known that in fact Thomas used to be a very beautiful woman who worked as a photo model. After that, he decided to change his gender to a man but decided to keep his ovaries and genitals. That’s why he can still get pregnant and give birth like any woman.

Thomas married Nancy in 2003. Later they found out that Nancy was infertile, so Thomas accepted to replace his wife with this responsibility. The couple used artificial insemination using donor sperm. In 2007, Thomas successfully conceived and became pregnant. In 2008, he gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, and named her Susan.

Since then, Thomas has become the “focus” of public opinion everywhere. Wherever he went, he was recognized and questioned by everyone, but there were also many prejudices that he went against the laws of nature, promoting the idea of ​​wrong marriage. However, Thomas once said that it is very sacred for men to shoulder heavy responsibilities for their wives, he is sure that many other men, if possible, will not hesitate to do the same.

Thomas and Nancy then did not stop but also gave birth to 2 more babies in a row. In total, the couple has a first daughter and two sons who are only 1 year apart in age. However, after 12 years of marriage, the couple broke up in 2015. In 2016, he remarried with his new wife, Amber Nicholas. In 2018, he reappeared in the media and said that he plans to have a fourth child if his wife wants. However, this time the doctors advised him to stop because he had completed the transgender process, if he continued to be pregnant, he would have to have a ces.arean section.

Thirteen years have passed since the image of “pregnant gentleman” of Thomas was widely spread, his life as well as that of his family has changed a lot. He is currently a popular speaker advocating for the transgender community and their fer.tility issues.

The children born to him have also grown up. 13-year-old Susan, 11-year-old Austin, and 10-year-old Jensen have all grown up healthy, active, and fun kids. The pictures are extremely cute, close to their whole family that everyone admires. Thomas once said his children are the most valuable asset in his life.





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