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The Netherlands permits Princess’ same-s.e.x marriage without dethroning her

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, announced Princess Catharina-Amalia now can get married to a person of any gender without having to renounce her throne.

“The government believes the heir to the throne has rights for same-s.e.x marriage. Therefore, the cabinet does not consider the heir or king should be dethroned if in want of same-s.e.x marriage,” The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte wrote in his letter for the Congress on October 12.

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Unlike other marriages, the royal marriages need approval from Congress. Some members of the Dutch Royal family sometimes have to renounce the rights to the heir to marry the people whom the Congress does not approve of.

The Netherlands legalized same-s.e.x marriage in 2001. The Prime Minister’s announcement was issued after some recently published books claim the Netherlands does not allow same-s.e.x marriage in the royal family.

The princess of the Netherlands, Catharina-Amalia, 17, oldest child to King Willem-Alexander, is the first on the list of the heirs to the throne. She has not commented on this information and is known for her private lifestyle.

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When Amalia steps into her 18th year of age this December, she will receive an annual allowance of 1.6 million euros (1.8 million USD). However, in June, the Princess wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, expressing her wish not to take the allowance till she start her royal responsibilities. Amalia’s decision marked the first time a royal family member refused to take the allowance.

Princess Catharina-Amalia or Princess of Orange was born on 7 December 2003 to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. Princess of Orange has 2 younger sisters who are Princess Ariane, 14, and Princess Alexia, 16. The family is now loving in Huis ten Bosche palace. She became hair apparent to the throne after her father, King Willem-Alexander, ascended the throne in April 2013.

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