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The most beautiful twin girls in Taiwan grow up to be great learners and earners

To parents, twins are gifts. The gifts become even more meaningful as they grow up to be successful. An example is these Taiwanese twins.

Mandy and Sandy used to be known as the most beautiful twins in Taiwan.

In 2004, a time when social media were not so popular like today, these twin sisters could already make a lot of people fall for their cuteness. They are Sandy and Mandy, born in 2001 in Taiwan.

The two were filmed in a short clip which was then uploaded onto social media and attracted great attention. For that reason, they were nicknamed “The most beautiful twins in Taiwan. They were sought after by many brands and have participated in advertising for them.

The girls are growing up to be idols of the youth.
How the former beautiful star girls look at the age of 21.

More than 17 years later, both Many and Sandy’s beauties have changed; however, their charms just remain alluring.

The Taiwanese sisters joined dancing classes when entering secondary school and performed in group dances uploaded online.

They appears bright even when putting on masks.
They are items tagging to each other in every activity.

In 2017, both won an international dancing contest (DIATV) held in Korea.
After splashing with compliments from people, Sandy and Many determined to pass the entrance exam for Tsinghua University, one of the best education institutes in Asia which is considered to be the “Asian Harvard”.

They grew up more beautiful and talented but never neglected their scoreboard. They always get high marks and become models for the youth.

They often took advertising jobs for famous cosmetic brands.

Currently, Sandy and Mandy’s Youtube channel has more than 1.26 million subscribers. Every clip uploaded attracted millions of views.

They earn big from advertising.

Aside from that, the sisters earn from advertising and KOL, etc., so they have constant incomes and don’t have to depend on their parents’ allowance.

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