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The most beautiful brother and sister in the world now and then

The sister Lauren Lunde and her younger brother Cooper Lunde make many people flutter because of their super adorable Western appearance. While Lauren is very beautiful, her younger sister Cooper is really handsome.

The most beautiful brother and sister

Lauren Lunde (2008) and Cooper Lunde (2013) are two outstanding kid models thanks to their beauties. The mother of these two adorable kids is a Korean woman while their father is a Canadian man. Because of the hybrid of Asian and European blood, Lauren and her brother have outstanding appearances with white skin and big eyes. They have received a lot of compliments from netizens.

Lauren and Cooper

Lauren’s mother sent her to many classes of modeling, singing, dancing, etc. In 2012, Lauren participated in the TV show Hello Baby to promote her Baby Planet company when she was only 4 years old. After that show, the kid model soon became famous and got many invitations from many kid fashion brands.

Lauren and Cooper Lunde

When the heat of Lauren hasn’t gone down, her younger brother Cooper emerged as a kid star after a video of his baseball class. Cooper has sparkling eyes with beautiful eyelashes that can make every girl jealous.

Lauren is more beautiful and charming. 

Cooper is so handsome that a lot of netizens think he will get all spotlights if he becomes a Kpop idol. Some magazines called Lauren and Cooper the most beautiful brother and sister in the world.

Cooper has attractive eyes.

Lauren is 13 years old and Cooper is 8 years old now. Their appearances are changing a lot. They are getting more and more beautiful and handsome. Lauren is more and more charming now.

He is a handsome boy.

She also has an impressive height after entering high school. Cooper is famous for his handsome appearance, especially his deep and attractive eyes. He is a hot boy and an active kid model now.

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