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The moment the groom carried the bride’s twin sister into the ceremony immediately went viral on social media and the emotional truth behind!

Many netizens could not hold back their tears when watching these meaningful images, the wedding became an unforgettable memory for all present.

Recently, a TikTok video suddenly stormed the online community, the number of views increased rapidly in just a few days. Accordingly, the person who posted the video is Morgan Watkins, a bride who just got married not long ago. The video shows the groom, Brian Altier carrying the bride’s twin sister, also wearing a wedding dress, into the aisle in front of the whole wedding hall.

Since posting, the video has attracted more than 46 million views on TikTok, more than 6 million users pressed the like button and tens of thousands of comments were left. Find out to know the truly touching story behind it. Bride Morgan and her sister Macey are twins, but not as fortunate as her sister, Macey was born with a dis.ability.

Posting the video, Morgan said: “My twin sister is dis.abled. I want her to have a special moment and memory in her life as a bride like her twin sister. Look at the way she looks around at everyone around, she must be really enjoying this moment. This is why I chose my husband because he loves Macey so much As I love her.”

After the video went viral, local news station KKTV11 interviewed Morgan about her beautiful love story with her newlywed husband. Morgan confided: “He and I met 6 years ago. From the moment he saw Macey, he had a feeling that we were twins. He didn’t consider it a burden and understood that one part of my life is Macey. I will share everything I have, the most special moments with my sister.” She also expressed surprise that the video of her wedding was going viral and creating such attraction on social networks.

Many netizens could not hold back their tears at the beautiful pictures. “He not only loves the bride but also her family, so lucky”

“This is the most beautiful moment I’ve seen on TikTok”

“I tried to hold back my tears but couldn’t”, quote one Netizen comments.



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