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The Maldives To Build A Floating City To Solve Problem Of Rising Sea Levels

The problem of rising sea levels is a hot concern among many countries and environmental organizations now. Many solutions have been given to respond to this problem. The Maldives is also building a floating city to react to this problem.

The Maldives To Build A Floating City

In the era of technology, human beings are dreaming of building cities floating in the air to solve the problem of overpopulation in many cities. You can also see many fictional floating cities in sci-fi movies. But with this pace of technological development, these dream cities will become true soon.

Maldives floating city

Floating cities in the air haven’t been actualized yet. But the technology of human beings is advanced enough to build stunning cities floating on the water. It will help solve the problem of rising sea levels. This environmental issue is threatening the existence of many countries and cities under the sea level.

Plan of MFC

The sea is replacing the land in many regions of the world. The Maldives is also at risk when it’s one of the lowest-lying nations on the Earth. With 300-year experience in controlling the wet weather of the Dutch, Dutch Docklands is teaming up with the Maldives to solve this problem.

MFC will be the first floating city in the world.

In specific, they will build a Maldives Floating City (MFC) on a 200-hectare warm water lagoon. This floating city will be near the capital of Malรฉ. It only takes 10 minutes to ride the boat from the capital city. The constructors plan to build MFC in a flexible grid and place many larger islands around to prevent strong waves.

They will use traditional Maldivian architecture in this new city

Additionally, this nation will build MFC base on traditional Maldivian architecture. Besides, the designers also make solutions for the accessible, scalable, sellable concerns of this futuristic architecture. As a pioneer in solving the global warming issue, the Maldives is drawing the scenario on how humankind will survive and face the rising sea levels.

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