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The Inspiring Story Of Nokuthula Mchuna: From A Cleaner To A Pilot

The high unemployment rate in South Africa creates a bleak picture as the country seeks to provide possibilities for its youth. In these terrible times, finding work is as difficult as completing the Comrades Marathon. Nokuthula Mchunu was having trouble finding work and decided to send her CV to the Durban International Airport out of desperation.

They could only offer her a job as a cleaner, so she accepted it, oblivious to the fact that it would be the start of the rest of her life.

She was promoted to flight coordinator.

Mchunu fell in love with aviation while washing and mopping the tiles at Durban International Airport. The excitement of watching jets landing and taking-off was too much for her.

Mchunu chose to hunt for a position with Air Mercy Service because she knew her chances of promotion were slim to none knowing that she lacked the necessary qualifications. That’s when her storybook adventure truly began.

At Air Mercy Service, Mchunu was presented with an even more thrilling chance. She was promoted to flight coordinator, and after completing her piloting training, she may be promoted even further.

She said:

“Air Mercy Service was a great platform for me because it gave me that deeper understanding of the aviation sector.”

The Air Mercy Service is well-known for delivering not only emergency rescue and air ambulance services but also a health outreach program. The lady from the underprivileged township of Lamontville now wants other impoverished children to be uplifted as well.

She said:

“I did it so why can’t other youth do it. Through my experience I learnt that no huddle is too steep to ignore. I come from a very disadvantage background and flight training is very expensive. But I never let that affect my goals.”

For Mchunu, her dream is to fly around the world. The idea seemed impossible just a decade ago when all she wanted was just to find a job that would allow her to feed her family.

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