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The groomsmen suddenly knelt to propose to the bride at the wedding, surprising all guests

In recent days, a video of a wedding scene in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province, China has gone viral and received a lot of talk from the online community.

According to Chinese media, the wedding took place on October 8. In the part where relatives and friends went to give gifts to the bridegroom, a groomsman acted strangely, making all the audience freeze. He suddenly knelt down and opened the ring box in front of the bride.

His bold action immediately made people think that the best man was proposing to the bride. Faced with this incomprehensible situation, the bride was embarrassed and then suddenly burst into laughter. And the groom next to him was completely frozen for a few seconds and then just laughed awkwardly. To “relieve the siege”, the wedding MC and another bridesmaid had to come to the rescue and continue the program.

As soon as the video was spread online, people created dozens of “conspiracy theories” about the scenario of stealing the bride, and the groomsmen secretly falling in love with the bride like in the movie. Many people also spend time explaining the facial expressions of each main character in the story to see what is the truth in the end. But really, after all, there is no contradiction here at all.

Anh Dam – a person present at the wedding ceremony as well as a close friend of the bride, groom and groomsmen, represented the media to quell the rumors of netizens. He said the groomsman’s unusual behavior was simply because he was embarrassed when he went on stage and thought that when giving rings to the bride and groom, they had to kneel like in the TV series. Because it was his first time as a groomsman, this young man was a bit surprised and didn’t know how to behave.



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