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The emotional meeting between Gloria Romero and her teacher 100 years older than her has brought netizens to tears.

In the story shared by GMA Public Affairs’ Tunay na Buhay program.

Introduced the story of Malay ‘Lola Techie’ Virginia Benigno.

A 100-year-old woman has been recognized and honored as the oldest person to participate in the virtual reunion.

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In addition, Ms. Virgie is also the first person to graduate from UP-PGH in Nursing course.

She has always been active in reunions but due to the pandemic and her age, she has limited her time out of the house, and instead, the so-called “Lola Techie” only attends reunions by machine. computer and virtual application Zoom.

When asked what she usually likes to do, she said that she likes to watch TV in the afternoon.

After watching, she often spends time praying and breathing her body.

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Here, Ms. Virgie mentioned that one of the actresses she loves and admires is veteran actress Gloria Romero, who is still her student at Alaminos.

That’s why the host, Pia Arcangel, surprised the two ladies and gave them the opportunity to meet and talk using modern technology.

Here is their conversation:

Gloria Romero: “Nice to see my teacher again, wow!”

Virginia Benigno Malay: “I’m so proud of you, what you’ve achieved as an actress and a pa model!”

Gloria Romero: “Wow! Thank you, thank you so much. It’s tearful when you still remember me.”

Virginia Benigno Malay: “Sure, you’re famous.”

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This one-of-a-kind opportunity cannot be missed as those who watched the show became emotional and attracted thousands of reactions on social media.

Netizen: “One of our oldest actresses in the Philippines meeting her HS teacher, the centenary is really one of the first encounters for both Tita Gloria and Ma’am Virgie. Longer life and more blessings to both.”

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