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The boy selling Sampaguita fell asleep on the side of the road while studying!

A boy selling Sampaguitas after school was discovered by a netizen sleeping in the area where he was studying. Many netizens are really amazed at his dedication to his studies and hope he will also influence some other young Filipinos who are also hard-working in their studies.

A netizen identified as Sha Lim Pua shared a photo of this child at a church in Lipa, Batangas. Here’s his caption for the photo he shared on Facebook:
“I hope he can go far. I hope this will be an inspiration for young people. I hope someone will give him a scholarship.”

The boy’s image went viral and became a topic of discussion on the social media world, with many netizens agreeing that the boy was worthy of admiration. It’s really clear what this photo wants to show a lot of people. Poverty is not an obstacle for us not to study hard. This can be an inspiration for us to work harder in life to achieve our dreams in life.

In today’s world, where many students are constantly complaining about things like their parents not allowing them to buy expensive bags, shoes or gadgets, it is a joy to see children like this.

Many netizens really admire the boy and are sure that he will have a good future because he knows his priorities and studies even though he is selling Sampaguitas. Many netizens have even shared their respective comments about this amazing kid who mixes study and work even when they are sleep deprived, tired or hungry.



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