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Sweet Baby Girl Dresses Like Ship Captain Mom for Career Day: “Ahoy Captain Sama”

A mom and daughter due have inspired a lot of South Africans with their breathtaking photos. It seems that the cute little girl aspires to be like her mother when she becomes an adult.

The adorable mother and daughter that made headlines

Going online, LinkedIn user and mother of one, Londy Ngcobo Blaqmermaid shared a cute message along with her special photos,

“Sama has dressed like a Ballerina, Doctor, a construction girl and this year she dressed like a ship Captain. My hope for you Captain Siphosamafuze is that; If your ship doesn’t come alongside your shores, I hope you swim out to meet it.”

The pics received thousands of likes on LonkedIn.

The adorable and beautiful moment sparked a lot of talks and reactions from social media users. They were happy and inspired to see a momma being a wonderful role model to her baby girl.

So cute!

What Internet users commented

The reactions have been kicking in on the platform. Take a look at some comments.

A user called Leigh Thebus penned a heartfelt note:

“I hope you swim out to meet it” That is such an inspirational way of saying, NEVER GIVE UP. And just look at that face that smile has made my day. To all our girls out there, mine included, follow your dream, if you stumble get back up and take a different route but NEVER GIVE UP. You are our leaders and you will do great things with God in your corner.”

Henry Nwosu said: “You both look adorable.”

Vuyelwa Qinga Vika said: “Representation matters so much. The hair. The uniform. The space to dream and imagine. What a blessed little girl. Ahoy Captain Sama.”

Anthea (Meissenheimer) du Plooy said: “Her dreams and goals are endless. Beautiful!”

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