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Statistics show startling numbers about exercises. Here’s the more reason you should strength train!

Science has never failed to impress humanity. It was made to clear obsolete beliefs and misconceptions. If you are a trainer, no matter of any type, you might have been believing any kind of training involves strength training, right? However, the latest studies say the opposite.

Credit: Emily Sea | Unsplash
Credit: Emily Sea | Unsplash

Some statistics claim that almost 60 percent of exercisers don’t even strength train at all. Surprised? That’s because the most popular form of exercise remains light and moderate activities such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, running, or so. However, going for these exercises doesn’t mean you can rule out the importance of strength training. Below are science-backed reasons you should add some weight to your routine!

Scientific reasons you should lift weights

You might be wondering why people don’t strength train as its benefits are what everyone is seeking: Fat burning, muscle building, improved posture, body balance, improved self-esteem, and better sleep.

Credit: Jenny Hill | Unsplash
Credit: Jenny Hill | Unsplash

What’s more? One Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise study found out that female weight lifters reduce 17% risk of heart disease compared to people who don’t lift. Another study of the same journal reports it only takes an hour per week for weight lifting to reduce up to 40 to 70% the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Traci D. Mitchell, a health coach and personal trainer, explained that strength training not only stimulates muscle mass and enhances metabolism but also induces the body’s production of natural collagen. And we all know it is very crucial to maintain high levels of collagen to stay healthy. A fact to bear is that the body produces high levels of collagen till the age of 12, then it drops around 25, and dip after 40.

Credit: Sam Sabourin | Unsplash
Credit: Sam Sabourin | Unsplash

One more reason to “marry” weight lifting, The American Journal of Medicine states that for older adults, the more muscle mass, the less risk of him dying prematurely.

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