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“Squid game” Jung Ho Yeon Became The Most Followed Korean Actress On Instagram

With 16.1 million followers, Jung Ho Yeon surpassed Lee Sung Kyung to become the most followed Korean actress on Instagram.

Jung Ho Yeon – Most Followed K-Actress On Instagram

Up to now, the actress-model Jung Ho Yeon has had 16.1 million followers on Instagram. Before the global release of Squid Game, she had 400,000 followers on this photo-sharing platform.

Jung Ho Yeon became the most followed Korean actress on Instagram.

With this number of followers, she surpassed Lee Sung Kyung who has 12.96 million followers to become the most followed Korean actress on this platform. Before that, she also surpassed the famous actress Song Hye Kyo who has 12 million followers. The “Squid Game” fever hasn’t ended yet. Her number of followers is still increasing every day.

Thanks to her excellent performance in the role of the character Kang Seok Byeok in this blockbuster, Jung Ho Yeon became an international star in both acting and modeling. “Squid game” also marked her first step into the film industry. She got a lot of praise and positive comments for Kang Seo Byeok’s role.

She has up to 16.1 million followers.

In Squid Game, Kang Seo Byeok is a North Korean girl who wants to earn money to reunite with her family. The beautiful Korean supermodel gives the audience a multi-dimensional view of the character Seo Byeok who has a lot of emotions and wounds hidden insides.

Talking about the film and acting career, Jung said she still lacked many acting skills. During the filming process, the director and experienced senior actors helped her a lot. They pointed out her lack to help her get better in all shots. She also sent her thanks to them for their supports and favors. The young actress-model also promised to work hard and get better in the future be become a perfect version of her.

She has been improving her acting skills after this film.

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