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Son hugs his parents and sobs after 41 years of being kidnap.ped by a beggar! The father cried because he missed his son until he went bli.nd in one eye

Kindness being taken advantage of:

41 years ago, on an October day, 1980, in Fangcheng County, Guangxi (China), a man in his 20s was begging near Jia Changxin’s house.

This person called himself Tran Chung Van, a native of Sichuan, looking for his sister, had spent all his money along the way, so he had to beg for food.

Jia Changxin’s wife, Dao Xiu Anh, is also from Sichuan. The couple are both honest and kind people, so they decided to let Tran Chung Van stay.

From that day, half a month, Chung Van went to look for his sister during the day, and returned to Truong Han’s house at night.

One day, Chung Van told Truong Han and his wife that he had to return to his hometown in Sichuan. Before leaving, Chung Van bowed to thank the couple.

But a few days later, he returned and took the couple’s 1-and-a-half-year-old son away.

Dao Tu Anh went crazy because he lost his child. She hurriedly bought a train ticket back to Sichuan and searched here for 3 months but to no avail.

“If it weren’t for the fact that I had two young children, I wouldn’t want to live anymore,” Dao said.

In 1987, nostalgia for his son still gnawed, Mr. Zhang Han rode his bicycle back to Sichuan. But like every other search, he met with failure. To the point that, when he returned home, he had to beg along the way.

The following days of the couple passed in grief, in addition to raising two children at home, they took turns looking for their kidnap.ped son. With just a little news, they hit the road again, but for the past 41 years, they’ve always left with hope and returned in despair.

A tearful reunion:

Because he missed and loved his son, Mr. Han cried until he was bli.nd his right eye, and his left eye was no longer clear. Mrs. Dao bro.ke her leg while looking for her son. However, there was not a single day when they had the intention of giving up.

Earlier this year, when the Ministry of Public Security launched the Reunion campaign, using existing technology to solve cases of missing children, to help separated relatives reunite, Mr. and Mrs. Han were extremely happy. Happy to have more hope.

In May, the Police Department in Ha Nam received news from the people that there was a guy named Loi Lei (pseudonym) who was searching for information about his parents and family members but to no avail.

Wolong District Police (Ha Nam) has set up a working group to collect information and enter it into the anti-traffi.cking information system of the Ministry of Public Security.

Last August, the DNA of Mr. and Mrs. Han was also collected. After comparing the database, it was found that the DNA of Mr. and Mrs. Han completely matched the DNA sample submitted by the Wolong district police office earlier.

The police of the two places quickly linked up and arranged a reunion.

On September 30, at the Wolong District Police Office, Nanyang City, Henan, after more than 14,900 days and nights of searching, Han and his wife were finally reunited with their son.

Ms. Dao, 69 years old, with her husband when she met her 42-year-old son, cried like a baby.

“Parents, everything is fine, don’t worry, from tomorrow I will take care of my father and mother,” Loi Loi said.

Loi’s brother stood beside him, moved. He said that for decades, New Year’s Eve was the time when his parents suff.ered the most. “Fortunately, I finally met you.”

The hugs, tears, cries, laughter from the reunion that have been waiting for 41 years made the policemen feel moved.



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