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Sleeping beauty who sleeps for 13 days straight

Echa, from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, stirred social media’s attention in 2017 when there are reports about this then-13-year-old girl sleeping for 13 days straight.

Since then, Echa has fallen into the same situation 2 times. The first time it lasted a day and a half but the second time which was in April this year, her condition became worse and she slept for 7 days.

To her parents’ anxiety, Echa was taken to the Ansari Saleh hospital for a check-up but the results were all normal. Eventually, after 9 days in sleep, the girl woke up but was very week as informed by the doctors.

No one knows exactly what caused the prolonged sleep in Echa but the symptoms suggest Echa was having hypersomnia, a rare mental condition that make the patients too drowsy during the day and fall into deep and prolonged sleep. Hypersomnia occurred in varied forms due to a number of causes from brain damage, to generics, etc.

Mulyadi, Echa’s father, said to Tribunn that he tried to wake her up several times but it didn’t work. Interestingly, Echa could still chew and swallow the food if fed by her parents.

Aside from that, she would become annoyed if the need for going to the restroom arose. If taken to the restroom, Echa could still use the stool just like a normal person.

Echa was believed to have the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. This syndrome has yet to have a cure. However, Echa’s parents hope the symptoms will perish so that Echa can live a happy and normal life like her friends.

Fascinatingly, Echa is not the only sleeping beauty out there and her condition is even slighter than another beauty called “Sharik Tovar. 2 years ago, the 19-year-old Colombian girl slept for 2 months.

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