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Step up your weight loss game by saying no to these 3 foods and drinks

Working out for a stunning body asks for not only training but also diet. While you are spending every early morning and late afternoon physically, it is essential that you take care of your meals too. And here are 5 foods and drinks you should say no to if you want to lose weight.

1. Snack with carbs

Credit: Jeff Siepman

Snacks like rice cakes, bread, dry cereal, and crackers contain carbs which our bodies convert to sugars, then send them right into the bloodstream. By receiving this, our bodies generate more insulin so that the sugar will be absorbed as soon as possible. This is where the problem lies: we finally come to face low blood sugar and crave even more carb that you need consume in the first place. For this reason, you might suffer from a craving for unhealthy sugary foods.

2. Frozen foods

Credit: Danielle MacInnes

Here’s the fact! to make foods look fresher, manufacturers make sure frozen food have sodium in it. What’s sodium? It is a natural preservative that causes your body to retain water. Too much of this is a reason why you gain weight.

3. Low-fat foods

This is a psychological behavior. People are more likely to eat more when knowing the food they are eating is low-fat (30% to be specific). What’s more, manufacturers of low-fat foods add sugar to make up for the flavor lost when removing fat. So in your opinion, how healthy is low fat?

4. Artificially sweetened beverage

Those drinks trick your taste into thinking that there’s sugar but in fact, it’s not. Therefore, you might crave even more food because you have not got any calories.

5. Alcoholic drinks

Credit: Wil Stewart

People are all talking about alcohol containing little calories. That’s true! But imagine drinking without absorbing any nutrients? This weakens your resolve, which results in your overeating and your weight loss plan fails!

Weight loss is not just a game of training your body, it’s a game of training your mentality too. Get rid of those foods and bad habits, you step up your game of weight loss.

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