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Female Fans Set Viral Trend As They Cosplay Samsung Virtual Assistant “Sam”

The new Samsung Assistant, Sam, has created a frenzy ever since the announcement of the developers. Fans have then added a twist following the news as they started posting images of themselves cosplaying the character.

This is Sam.

Sam was designed as an assistant for Samsung phone users. See Samsung Assistant cosplay that is going crazy viral right now.

Bringing Sam to life

Donning Sam’s gray polo shirt, lightning blue eyes, and her shoulder-length locks, the pictures pay huge tribute to the virtual helper.


This trend was ignited by Vylerrian, a Twitch streamer. She has collected an immense number of followers after sharing her Samsung Assistant cosplay pics.

On June 2, she shared with a caption, “I tried @Samsung”. It has now rackd up over 30k likes.


Other girls have followed her lead, showering Twitter and Reddit with their own takes on the project.

About Sam

Sam’s images took over the web last week after Lighthouse shared them on social media.

Although the pics were taken down quickly, the eagle-eyed Internet users had captured screenshots and passed them on. Also, details in the “Samsung Galaxy’s virtual assistant” concept shared on the Singapore outfit page were removed.

Sam is a young lady with an hourglass figure and freckled cheeks. The online commenter was compared to a Pixar character.

In the leaked photos, she was holding what seems to be a Samsung smartphone. Her gray polo shirt also has an embroidered “Samsung Galaxy” line.

Until now, no official announcement has been made by Samsung about the new virtual commenter. Meanwhile, it is also not clear whether the leaked pics were a concept project or a final design by Samsung.

Will the girl be released? Let’s wait and see.

Lighthouse did not discuss what the virtual assistant will help users with.

Lighthouse did not clarify on what she will help users with. Other AI assistants like Amazon and Siri’s Alexa, can set timers, alarms, answer questions, and more.

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