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Revealing the cause of the 3.5m long python carrying 10 frogs to avoid the flood

What a beautiful sight, a “Grab” of the natural world.

A big storm made landfall on Hainan Island, China yesterday, causing some people to witness an “unthinkable” scene in the natural world: 10 frogs riding on the back of a 3.5m-long python.

Specifically, Xiben and his wife were at home with their children in the remote town of Zinchao when suddenly a huge storm made landfall and brought torrential rain on their dam.

Worried about the dam breaking due to floodwaters, Xiben was ordered to go out to inspect the meal during heavy rain and lightning. “The lake is full of frogs. They all tried to sit on the high grass to avoid, up to a thousand,” he shared.

“And he was in the middle of the lawn, trying to move to a higher place.”

The “He” here refers to Monty, a 3.5m-long python that everyone is familiar with, who also tries to escape the flood. The only thing behind is a group of cheeky tourists.

“It galloped at full speed across the grass and frogs clung to its back,” continued Xiben.

“I think it’s interesting that some of the local cows get used to the frogs and don’t eat them.”

Wihan, Paul’s brother, quickly captured a beautiful scene of a kind of “Grab” of the natural world. After posting on Twitter, the photo has nearly 17,000 likes and more than 6,000 retweets.

Another interesting point is that, while the brothers went to avoid the flood, the 3 frogs still took advantage of “doing it” without paying much attention to it.

Monty the python was clearly not aware of having “someone” sitting on its back, it actually escaped the flood and didn’t seem to care about those reluctant guests.



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