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Remember Ivana Alawi’s 8 carat diamond ring? Its price will surprise you!

When Ivana Alawi turned 24 this past December 25, 2020, she purchased an 8-carat yellow diamond ring.

Nine months later, Dustin Ibay, the 29-year-old jeweler behind the LVNA brand revealed, “It costs around 12 million PHP.”

In Ivana’s YouTube video from January 6, 2021, Ivana shines a diamond-encrusted ring into the camera.

“It is surrounded by gold because my favorite color is gold in accessories.

“I bought this from Drake Dustin’s MTVA, and it’s a gift I gave myself for my birthday.

“Why should I wait for the man, eh, no, I’ll buy it myself, won’t I?”

The ring is called Ivana Moon, named after her. She said Ivana Moon symbolizes self-love and is her most extravagant purchase.

She then exclaims in the video how much the ring means to her, “I’m not engaged yet. I have just loved”

“This is a gift to myself. So be proud as it is a reminder to work hard for your dreams.

“Because it used to be just my dream.”

“It was just a dream come true. I will cherish this.”


According to Drake, he had wanted the actress-turned-YouTube sensation to be the endorser of his brand, and it happened as though his collaboration with Ivana was all meant to be.

Not long after, the deal was signed, and Ivana was commissioned by Dustin Drake to become the face of VTVA.

It proved to be the right decision as Drake would soon find out for himself.

He said, “She’s really the only one among the artists we’ve collaborated with. Besides, she really brings customers to us. Her forces are different.”

With 14 million YouTube subscribers, Ivana, undoubtedly, is one of the most successful Filipino social-media influencers.



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