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Rei Germar gives us a host of ideas about the best swimsuits to wear!

It is no denying that Rei Germar deserves her title as swimsuit queen. The Youtuber has been charming social media with posts of herself in swimsuits that spark the interest of millions.

In her recent posts, the two-piece princess has been showcasing her bewitching beauty with sultry black bikinis. You can get spotted on too if trying them on!

1. Iridiscent Corset-Shaped Top

This one is not popular. However, it is the unpopularity that matters. In case you head for the harsh sunlight, this stylish top should come into mind.

2. Smocked square set

Does it ring a bell? You’re right! This is a swimsuit form emerging from napkin top trend. It comes perfectly well with a chick coverup. Super comfortable and cool!

3. Strategic strappy Maillot

This is a stroll-stopping one-piece which might seem meticulously detailed, however, you can get a custom-made easily without having to go shopping.

4. Criss Cross Halter Top

If you look back at the first years of the 2000s, you’ll notice this X-shaped top was a religion back then. The wraparound top creates a sexy X form that adds aesthetics to Rei Germar and you too!

5. Ridged Sports Bra

Rei Germar drools her followers with photos of her ridged sports bra. A ridged sports bra fits so well with a high-cut bikini bottom for a sultry day!

Rei Germar is a social influencer who soared from Youtube where she uploaded full-length vlogs that attract millions of followers in the Philippines and around the world. She is one of the leading content creators who take the best advantage of the digital platforms to launch their personal brand and influence the youth via what is called “authentic influencing”.

After almost 400 published videos, her Youtube channel (Rei Germar) has crossed the mark of 1.5 million subscribers and still growing and always garnered great attention from young women who cares about beauty.

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