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Pro trainer shares tips to get stunning abs with easy weight plate workout

Weight plates, the most inevitable equipment in any gym or even at home, are often loaded up for barbells, making many forget that we can be more creative and efficient without having to attach them to any other equipment or machine.

One of the advocates of this idea is professional trainer Kelsey Wells. She even delineates how to strengthen your abs using only weight plates. All it requires is just 15 minutes of your workout.

How to do simple weight plate abs exercise

Equipment: Medium weight plate (Alternatives might be a kettlebell or dumbbell, or anything with a handle) and a workout mat.


Before the workout: Just like any workout, you need some minutes to warm up. The best and easy warm-up you can do is a 5-minute cardio exercise like brisk walking or skipping. This way, you increase your heart rate. Alternatives for this light warp-up might be torso twists, leg swings to get body movements on momentum.

Instructions by Popsugar:

1. Start with Scissors and Russian twist x3:

– Scissors: 10 reps for each side.

– Russian twist: 20 reps.

*Take a quick 30-second rest.

2. Continue with Oblique crunch and sit-up x3:

– Oblique crunch: 20 reps.

– Sit-up: 12 reps.

*Take a quick 30-second rest.

3. Complete the workout with the 60-second bent-leg raise.

After the workout: take about 5 minutes to wind down by light exercise like your warm-up activities like walking or stretching.

About Kelsey Wells:

Kelsey Well, born 1 September 1990, is a social media influencer in the fitness field.
Her famous goal and work ethic is training 6 days per week with intense exercises and doing fast. The Instagram star is known for versatile training styles including cardio, strength training, and body-weight. Each of her workouts often lasts for 45 minutes.

Kelsey shares her routine that starts at 11:30 for, according to her, this is the freest time of the day, hence help her focus on her exercises.

For her influence on social media, Kelsy Well has earned a great fortune which is worth around $500,000 and $1million.

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