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Pakistan Politician Conflicted On TV Debate, Stunned MC And Audiences

These two politicians in Pakistan make MC and citizens stunned when slapping on the other’s faces. The video recording this conflict then went viral and made an internet storm. Check it out.

Pakistan Politician Conflicted On TV Debate

This conflict took place two days ago, on June 10th. Two politicians had a fierce conflict on air in the witness of many Pakistan citizens via the TV line. In specific, Ashiq Awan – the special assistant for media of Prime Minister Imran Khan and MP Qadir Mandokhel of the Pakistan People’s Party (MNA) suddenly slapped on the other’s face in a TV program.

They are two politicians from Pakistan.

Accordingly, Ms. Awan accused Mr. Qadir Mandokhel of threatening her and insulting her late father during the program. This made her lose control and rushed to slap his face.

Two politicians slapped on other’s face..

On the other side, he accused Ms. Awan of being impolite because she kept talking for half an hour without allowing him to speak. Qadir also said he had asked for permission to speak, but Mrs. Awan refused and accused his party of corruption.

The video went viral quickly.

However, what makes the video viral is the funny expression of the MC in that program. He really went speechless in their combat on air. The MC couldn’t do anything but standing still and let them fight. He might be very shocked because no one can imagine that two influencers can rush into a physical conflict on a TV program.

Funny expression of the MC.

The video has spread out on YouTube and other social media platforms these days. This combat got great attention from internet users all over the world. It’s not a rare incident but netizens still got shocked and stunned before burst into laughs because of the funny expression of the MC.

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