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Only in India: Use “donkeypower” as a way to protest against car brands

The owner of the Ford Endeavour 2020 had a donkey drag the car to the dealership to protest against the American brand.

Arjun Meena found a special way to protest and attracted great attention when his Ford car had two manufacturing defects.

Meena narrated the first time he bought an Endeavour was in 2016 and it had many problems. However, in 2020, he bought another brand-new Endeavour and still had to face new problems related to the transmission. Meena said the 7-seater vehicle was in the dealership more than his garage as it kept stalling at the middle of the nowhere without any dashboard alert.

Meena noticed the car’s problem and saw that the transmission couldn’t switch gears, leading to the car not able to operate. Meena brought the car the dealership and it was brough back to its working condition. However, it took just a few days for the car to break down again. The owner decided to protest.

This is not the first time in India when a car owner wanted to attract public attention to ask for justice. Before that, there were one MG, one Skoda, one Jaguar, one Toyota Land Cruiser, one Mercedes-Benz, and many other car brand owners who did the same thing.

This MG was drawn to a showroom to fix its faults in 2019
This Skoda Octavia was dealth with the same way in 2017
In 2014, a Jaguar XF was escorted by a “family” of donkeys. Unfortunately, it was never fully functional again.

The first car ever to be drawn by donkeys for protest is believed to be the Mercedes-Benz E-Class whose owner is Rakesh Patel. He got donkeys to draw his car to a dealership in just a few months after purchasing it.

It was reported that Mr. Patel’s car developed multiple problems in September 2011, which prompted him to bring it to a Mercedes-Benz service center. However, the car kept showing issues after service which made him bring it for check-up another time. But this time he did not hire a tow service; he got 6 donkeys to draw the car to the Mercedes-Benz showroom instead.

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