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Old B.lind, patiently sold his reed broom to accumulate money to repair the dam.aged shack.

In the story shared by Virgelyncares, a b.lind old man selling reed brooms was introduced and helped by him.

Tatay Jimmy from Tiwi, Albay patiently walks the streets every day to sell his reed broom.

With great diligence, he bypassed the harsh sunlight daily and carried heavy loads on him.

At a cost of 120-110 pesos, the b.lind old man can make 10 percent profit, about 12 pesos per broom.

Although his income is meager, he still does not stop selling because of his dream of rebuilding the shack because the storm has destroyed his house and now he has to stay with relatives.

Dad Jimmy’s situation is very dangerous, especially since there may be cars on the road rushing in front of him.

Sometime after the story was shared, people who wanted to help him found him.

Jimmy was very tired that day because he was sweating profusely.

In the daily association of Virgelyncares with the poor old man, he was lucky to find a wholesaler for his goods.

As a result, they went home early and Jimmy’s father was able to get the 2,100 thousand pesos he earned from that source of goods.

With this income, he will have an amount of 210 pesos.

Virgelyn deeply sympathizes with and admires Father Jimmy’s hard work and determination despite his di.sa.bility.

Therefore, he provided financial support to realize the simple dream of industrious bl.ind people.

In addition, he was given a small grocery store so that he would not have to sell reeds and avoid any di.sas.ter that might happen while on the road.



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