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OFW’s child did not waste the mother’s efforts when he saved a large bucket of money!

With the difficulties that are happening today and the different problems people are going through, it makes us see the importance of saving.

Whether you have small or large savings, it’s important to have a backup in your home whenever something comes up, rather than immediately taking out a loan.

Surely all the fatigue and hardships of a mother who is working abroad will be alleviated if they know that her money will go to take care of the family.

Just like the little son of an OFW, instead of squandering his mother’s money on anything or food that would make him happy, he turned to save the money his mother sent home.

In the photos taken by Jane Famous, you can see a large barrel filled with Gerdan Tolero’s savings.

It will almost take over their living room with a pile of money. They hardly bothered to count how much money Gerdan had accumulated.

This is not the first time he has saved money like this.

“Nung unang ipon nya puro barya 2 tub..at ito nmn ulit nakaipon nmn xa ng isang tub na tig 20 pesos,”

“Sana lahat ng kabataan ganito❤proud aq sau boy…congrats ate gemma napakabait ng anak mo…kkaiba xa sa iba👏👏sana tularan ka ng ibang kabataan”

I am very impressed with my friend’s son for what he did and he saved 2 tubs of coins for the first time..

His mother was very surprised. No one knows the guy who saved…. it’s fun to watch

I hope all young people are like this❤




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