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OFW gave his mother a bouquet of “Money” flowers worth 400K Pesos, making her very surprised!

Gift-giving is a way for us to show our love and appreciation for someone.

This is a materialistic way but let’s admit that we are happier when we give than just by saying that we love someone.

It is probably the dream of people in love that makes people feel our love even more.

And there is nothing happier than her daughter being able to give that love to her parents.

A gift service’s post went viral when they shared a bunch of coins and chocolates.

The daughter’s gift for her only mother is worth only 400 thousand pesos.

An OFW is a woman who wants to make her mother happy.

She has been planning this since 1 year ago.

Netizens are just “hoping it all” in the hope that they too will get or be able to give such a gift to their mother.

For privacy, OFW does not reveal the identity of each individual.

The gift service was responsive to the woman’s request.

But still can’t hide that what the daughter has done for her mother is enviable.

In fact, a mother’s love and care for us has no equal value.

As if they had unconditional love for us.

In fact, they are our first resort in all sorts of problems.

Because a mother is someone who always understands us.

There are even some men who are cold to everyone but weak to their own mother.

OFW is a prime example for all of us.

Despite their memorable circumstances abroad, they persisted in giving a good life to what they left behind in the Philippines.



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