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Number 1 trick that helps you overcome overthinking

The world is spinning fast and your head seems to never rest. That’s because you are a little bit too much overthinking.

If it is true to you, you might need to quiet your mind to get rid of those voices in your head. Are you stuck with the idea of how? Fortunately, the trick that we are about to share with you is real simple but works wonders!

This trick is introduced by David JP Phillips, a communication coach, who is famous on TikTok for psychological tips and tricks. The 1.5-million-follower TikToker lately shares a clip where he talks about overthinking and how to deal with it.

In the clip, he starts with a catching introduction: “Here’s a psychological trick that you won’t believe until you’ve actually tried it and it’s easy, it’s super simple.”

He, then, continues by saying the clip is for all who ruminate and think too much.

Wow, the single introduction attracted almost 1 million likes from TikTok users with the video itself being viewed more than 5 million times.

The video also received thousand of comments, expressing how thankful they are for the trick.

One TikTok user said: “Can’t believe it took me 40 years and you opened my eyes!”

Another user thanked David for helping him solve the anxiety disorder problems like nothing.

The clip blew one’s mind and she had to log in to thank David: “Wow, incredible! Now I understand why people feel uncomfortable when looking at others’ eyes sometimes. That’s because he’s lying! This trick is mind-blowing”!

So what exactly is the trick that keeps everyone so excited?

The number 1 trick to overcome overthinking

In the video, David JP Phillips advises that whenever you are anxious or worried about something. Don’t move your eyeballs! Keep them still because your eyes see things to tell the brain to fetch memories and think about them. So if you stop moving your eyeballs, the brain won’t process information anymore.

Try it!

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