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Newlyweds in Davao, raised ₱ 629,000 from their “Prosperity dance”

The photo of the newlyweds from Tagum City Davao del Norte has gone viral on social media, where all friends and relatives bless the bride and groom from their ‘prosperity dance’.

Photos shared by wedding videographer Ernie Piamonte show clusters of money hanging from the outfits of both newlyweds as they dance.

Many netizens were overwhelmed by the huge amount of up to Php 629,000 from relatives and guests at their wedding.

Even Ernie was surprised at how much they made and even joked that other people viewing the post are increasing and it looks like their income is even more than what they spent on their wedding. me.

With the money raised by this newlywed couple, most netizens would probably be jealous because according to others, if this is the only way they can make money from the prosperity dance, then they will too. will get married.

Some netizens were also surprised at the couple’s guests and godparents as they are really generous and this rarely happens.

According to the poster, hanging such a large amount of money is a family tradition because they believe that the first time of married life should be peaceful so that the love is stronger, two people should be married without worrying think about money.

Read below the funny and positive comments of some netizens for this newlywed couple.

“Sino po ang mga bisita nyo na namigay ng pera. iimbitahan ko rin po sa aking kasal.”

“Looking for sa mga ninang and ninong nila for thesis purpose lang po hahahaha”

“Sana lahat ganyan ka-generous ang mga bisita. sarap ikasal araw araw pag ganyan.”

“Noong kasal namin ng asawa ko, walang ganyan eh. Diretso lafang mga bisita namin.”

“Taga sa Amin yang kinasal mayamang pamilya Yan kung pwede nga lng isabit pati Lupa at car”

“Kung gusto niyo ganyan dapat mayaman mga ninong at Ninang mga relatives saka kaibigan”

The ‘proposal dance’ is a Filipino tradition for newlyweds. It makes newlyweds dance while hanging money dresses to symbolize comfort and the beginning of the couple’s new life.




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