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New born miraculously turns a lifeless doll; parents dumbfounded to discover the truth

ARY News reported a frightening case on October 31 in the Holy Family hospital in the city of Rawalpindi, Punjab province, Pakistan. To be specific, the wife of a man called Shahid Mahmood, bore a son in the hospital. However, after welcome to life, the baby showed sign of health problems, so he was obliged to be separated from his mother and taken to the intensive care unit (ICU).

In the morning of October 31, after going to breastfeed her son in the ICU room, the woman got back to her bed. After that no one was allowed to visit the baby unless it was an emergency.

Some hours passed by and the baby’s aunt was let in to change the his clothes. However, what’s in front of her was a doll in the blanket while her nephew was nowhere to be found. He must have been k.i.d.n.a.p.p.e.d and swapped by a doll.

After making an altercation in the hospital for their neglect, the family reported it to the police of New Town. The police checked all the security cameras but there was no positive sign of who took the baby away.

The medical manager of the Holy Family hospital said that the incident occurred around 1 PM on October 31 and the department of new born where the baby was taken had been locked down for investigation.

He said: “The board of management will co-operate with the police”. Hundreds of netizens wished the family luck on social media, hoping the k.i.d.n.a.p.p.e.r would soon be captured.

Fortunately, on the night of November 11, Shahid’s family was informed his son was found. Shahid said to the media: “Yeah! We are glad after the call from the police about our son being found out.” She added that the boy was brought to another hospital and taken cared by Dr. Shahzia Zeb.

A spokesperson of the police force said the suspects were under investigation.

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